Boost for Computer Education at Private Schools

RGC partners with Educare for Digital Education Delivery

18-10-2023, ACCRA, GHANA – In today’s fast-paced digital era, where artificial intelligence continuously shapes our evolving economy, the acquisition of digital education and skills has become imperative for the education of the current generation, preparing them for adulthood. RecellGhana Computerlabs – a social enterprise with service partnership in the Netherlands, has partnered with Quartmani EduCare Partners – an Accra-based education support services organization, to extend the Computerlab-as-a-Service solution from RecellGhana Computerlabs to private schools across the Greater Accra and other regions of the country. Schools can now easily implement computer-based education without the need to invest.

Closing the Digital Skills Gap in Collaboration with Schools

This collaborative initiative aims to provide fully-equipped computer labs, complete with internet access and software applications for practical ICT education, to basic and secondary schools that currently lack functional computer labs. This cooperation aims to bridge the digital skills gap between high-fee private schools and their lower-fee counterparts nationwide. As part of this initiative, schools should provide a secure room for one of our Computerlabs. RecellGhana Computerlabs installs all computers and network equipment while facilitated by EduCare.

Mr. Kwarteng indicated that: “parents that enroll their children in private schools, have the trust of receiving a higher quality of education, even in low fee-paying schools. I’m thrilled this partnership enables us to extend practical ICT education to schools lacking computer labs, so schools don’t need to invest in computer systems.”

Cooperation for innovation in education

On October 17th, 2023, RecellGhana Computerlabs (RGC) and Quartmani EduCare Partners signed a cooperation agreement in Accra. Miss Brianna Dika, the Startup Leader for RGC, and Mr. Adjei Kwarteng-Amaning, the Executive Director of Quartmani EduCare Partners, signed the agreement on behalf of their organizations. “From today onwards, this agreement gives EduCare Partners the right to offer Computerlab-as-a-Service to private schools as part of their services targeted at bringing innovative solutions and empowerment in education and delivering higher value to students and their parents,” said Miss Dika.

Signing Agreement by Mr. Adjei Kwarteng-Amaning and Miss Brianna Dika

Early birds benefit from a 25% discount

Schools that lack computer labs should endeavor to take the necessary steps to enable their schools to benefit from this great initiative. Schools that come onboard before the end of December 2023, stand the chance of benefiting from a 25% discount on their year subscription.
>> Contact Mr. Kwarteng-Amaning at 054 867 4863 directly to take advantage.


Introducing Computerlab-as-a-Service in Ghana

RecellGhana Computerlabs (RGC), led by Startup Leader Brianna Dika, is a social enterprise dedicated to narrowing the digital skills gap in schools. The introduction of the Computerlab-as-a-Service solution in Ghana can be attributed to Moses Nana Aidoo. Mr. Aidoo imported this innovative concept from the Netherlands, where it had already been successfully employed in schools for many years. Collaborating with Hanc de Bokx, the founder of 1A Computerlabs, they established this social enterprise in Accra with a mission to empower Ghanaian students with digital skills.

Miss Dika proudly shared her enthusiasm, stating, “I feel proud to be part of a team that is dedicated to empowering schools to make their students computer savvy.” To date, ten Computerlabs have been set up in primary, junior high, and senior high schools, delivering outstanding results. Students have embraced the opportunity to learn and work with computers, and teachers are delighted to finally teach using technology, rather than just teaching about it. This shift has translated into improved Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) scores.

Computerlab-as-a-Service offers a comprehensive package, including the provision of a free-to-use Computerlab, 4G internet access, licensed software, regular monitoring, software updates, maintenance, repair, and replacement services, all without any upfront investment. The annual fee is based on the number of students and can be paid in installments. Building on past experiences, RecellGhana Computerlabs plans to introduce training curricula and an ICT teacher helpdesk in 2024. The teacher training program aims to enhance their professional development and enable them to deliver computer-based education effectively.

Ghana in the Digital Age

Picture of one our Computerlabs in use by students

In today’s digital age, digital literacy is paramount, enabling individuals to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for various tasks, including finding, evaluating, creating, and communicating information using digital devices such as computers, mobile phones, and tablets. It is a fundamental skill for success in the digital era.
Although internet access in Ghana has expanded rapidly, reaching nearly 70% of the population, and mobile wallets have become widespread with 40 million users, only 12% of young people aged 15–24 possessed computer skills as of 2020. Digital literacy encompasses not only basic computer applications but also the ability to develop and implement software solutions for government and business organizations. Without ICT skills, future opportunities are limited.

Highlighting the urgency of this issue, Hon. Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, the Minister, recently emphasized the need to bridge the digital gap and ensure that every student, regardless of their economic circumstances, can benefit from digital and distance learning opportunities. This message serves as a call to action for all sectors and stakeholders in society to recognize the educational challenges and contribute to empowering schools for the future of our children.

The partnership between EduCare Partners and RecellGhana Computerlabs is committed to making affordable digital learning solutions accessible to all students, aligning with the vision of an inclusive and digitally empowered education in Ghana.

Primary contact: Mr. Adjei Kwarteng-Amaning, the Executive Director of Quartmani EduCare Partners: email 054 867 4863

More on Computerlabs-as-a-Service: Miss Brianna Dika, Startup Leader at RecellGhana Computerlabs: email  053 462 8399

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