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We are excited to introduce our new product that is changing the way students in Ghana learn with computers.

Our computer labs in schools are modern and well-maintained, making it easier for students to learn in the digital age.

We use premium brand refurbished hardware from Europe, legitimate software, provide ongoing help, and have experts in charge to help teachers gain the skills they need for successful teaching in the digital world.

With Recell Ghana ComputerLabs, schools can help their students become really good with technology and prepare them for the future. Let's work together to make this happen!

Now, let's talk about the special features of our ComputerLabs that make them stand out.

Computerlab-as-a-Servicefor Schools

Schools and teachers can focus on 21st century education once they start working with us. Our Computerlab-as-a-Service takes away all sorrows that come with owning a computer lab, from investing to maintenance.

No Investments Needed

Most schools don’t have a computer lab because of the high upfront investments in hardware and all legitimate software needed for teaching the National ICT Curriculum. Cooperating with RecellGhana Computerlabs means that your school can use one of our labs, installed at your school, without upfront investments.

All-In Offer

Having a computer lab is just the start, for good education and continuous use, we also take care of the internet connection, maintenance, repair & replacement, and teacher training & support. For schools that need any other kind of help, like additional software or finding sponsors, we will work on it as part of our cooperation.

Service fee from $ 2,40/ yr per learner

We believe that technology-driven education should be accessible to all, we have designed this pricing structure to ensure that schools of almost all sizes can benefit from our advanced digital learning solution.


Region & 4G Availability

With ComputerLabs Ghana LBG, your school can join the digital learning revolution and provide students with a 21st-century learning experience. Embrace the future of education with us and unlock a world of opportunities for your students. Check availability now and become a part of the digital transformation that is shaping the future of Ghana.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we aim to provide answers to common inquiries about our innovative Computerlab-as-a-Service solution. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our dedicated support team.

We provide schools with ready-to-use computer labs, eliminating the need for schools to invest in hardware, software, and technical support. Our team handles everything, from initial setup to internet connection, ongoing maintenance and teacher’s training, allowing educators to focus on teaching while we take care of the rest.

Our Computerlabs include top-quality refurbished equipment, reliable internet connectivity, proactive monitoring, software updates, repair services, and teacher training. We offer a complete solution as part of our cooperation with all our schools to enhance their digital learning experiences.

No, we have started in the Greater Accra region with the plan to expand gradually all over Ghana. You can check the availability in your region on our website.
Yes of course, we are all for using the Computerlab as much as possible. For instance, for teaching parents to use computers with MS Office, or teaching ambitious children coding. We even have a school that offers the spare time to neighbouring schools. The only additional costs might be extra data for internet.
Yes of course, all children should have access to digital learning opportunities. On top of discounts, we can give thanks to generous donors like DEG [link to website], we also help schools find other
schools to share the Computerlab with and/or sponsors that can help fund the service fee. We are determined to partner with any school that has the same dedication as we for children attaining digital skills.
Yes we really go all-the way for you to be able to focus on digital education with your pupils. There are some things we need your cooperation for, we need you to have proper room and facilities for our Computerlab and we need you to protect and care for the Computerlab so that you can make use of the computer lab for years to come.