Computerlab-as-a-Service for schools

We have a new way of teaching about computers and technology for you. We can offer your school a Free Computerlab with quality equipment and software. You don’t have to pay anything at the start or worry about how to run it.

Our method makes sure that your school can enter the digital age and focus on making learning fun and exciting. We will take care of everything else for you.

No Investments Needed

All software for National ICT Curriculum

Internet Connected

The Team of Computerlabs Ghana

Who We Are

We are a Social Enterprise setup by two entrepreneurs that recognised the need for Ghana to enter the digital economy. In 2017 Moses Aidoo (RecellGhana) and Hanc de Bokx (1A Computerlabs in The Netherlands) met for the first time. They realised that not many schools have computers and if they have computers they are not maintained. They had the idea to offer schools fully managed computer labs for a small regular fee for maintenance and internet, so that all schools in Ghana can offer digital skills training to their learners.

With the more than 20 years of experience of 1A Computerlabs and the vast network of RecellGhana the two entrepreneurs decided to offer a unique solution to all schools in Ghana. In 2021 the first Computerlab-as-a-Service was agreed and installed, since then hundreds of children have profited from our Free Computerlabs. And now more and more schools are joining the partnership with RecellGhana Computerlabs to boost the skills of their learners, taking Ghana into the digital age.

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