signing Cooperation CENDLOS-RecellGhana Computerlabs

CENDLOS and RecellGhana Computerlabs enhance Digital Skills of Students

Thrilling new Collaboration for Quality Education

CENDLOS (Center for National Distance Learning and Open Schooling) and RecellGhana Computerlabs (RGC) have signed a collaboration agreement on 25-10-2023, aimed at improving the quality of education through Edtech in Ghana with a primary focus to enhance digital skills of students. The agreement was signed by Nana Gyamfi Adwabour (Executive Director CENDLOS) and Brianna Dika (Startup Leader RecellGhana Computerlabs).

The collaboration between CENDLOS and RecellGhana Computerlabs is beneficial in several ways. For instance, CENDLOS can leverage RecellGhana Computerlabs’ expertise in setting up computer labs to provide students with access to digital learning resources. This will boost Digital Literacy in Ghana. At the same time RecellGhana Computerlabs can introduce innovative solutions that will enable students to access digital learning resources from anywhere in the country.

As part of the cooperation, CENDLOS will receive a free Computerlab from RecellGhana Computerlabs, which will be inaugurated and demonstrated during the Seminar on ’21st Century Student Skills’ held on 29 November at the CENDLOS location in Accra.

RecellGhana Computerlabs is a social enterprise that provides Computerlabs to schools in Ghana. The company’s Computerlabs are equipped with quality equipment and software, internet, and are maintained and updated 24/7. 

The benefits of utilizing RecellGhana Computerlabs’ Computerlab include:

  • Enhanced Learning: The Computerlab will provide students with access to a wide range of educational resources, e-books, research tools, and interactive learning activities, creating a more engaging and effective learning environment.
  • Digital Literacy: By incorporating Computerlabs into the curriculum, students will develop essential digital literacy skills vital in the 21st-century workforce, preparing them for future career opportunities that demand technological proficiency.
  • Teaching Aid: Computerlabs can serve as valuable tools for teachers, aiding in the creation of interactive lessons, delivery of multimedia content, and more effective assessment of student progress.

By collaborating with RecellGhana Computerlabs, CENDLOS aims to bridge the digital divide and provide students with access to quality education, regardless of their location.

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