Inauguration of Computerlab at Royal Madonna School Accra

Royal Madonna Embraces the Future with RecellGhana Computerlabs Partnership

Taifa, Accra – The Royal Madonna School in Taifa has taken a significant leap into the future with the installation of a new digital skills lab on March 15, 2024. This initiative is part of a transformative partnership with RecellGhana Computerlabs, which specialises in providing Computerlab-as-a-Service. This collaboration represents a five-year, investment-free agreement that equips the school with the necessary infrastructure to offer top-notch computer-based education.

“The Computerlab was welcomed with great joy.”

The comprehensive Computerlab-as-a-Service includes:

  • The use of a fully equipped Computerlab from RecellGhana Computerlabs.
  • The use of a full suite of legitimate educational software aligned with the Ghana National ICT Curriculum.
  • Professional training for teachers to effectively utilise the new technology.
  • A dedicated helpdesk for ongoing teacher support.
  • Reliable 4G internet connectivity with a generous allowance of 25Gb per month.
  • Real-time monitoring of lab performance, ensuring security and software maintenance.
  • Regular hardware maintenance, including a repair and replacement service at no additional cost.

This strategic partnership is designed to guide Royal Madonna School on its journey to produce digitally skilled students, addressing a critical need in Ghana’s educational landscape. RecellGhana Computerlabs is committed to the long-term operation of the digital skills laboratory, assuring maintenance, replacement, and updating of the facilities throughout the partnership.

Under the leadership of Headmaster Madam Priscilla Asare, Royal Madonna School has a history of excellence, with numerous awards in sports and academics. The school’s participation in the Independence Day march pass at El Wak Sports Stadium in 2024 is a testament to its vibrant community presence.

The inauguration of the RGC Computerlab was met with great excitement, marking a new era for the Royal Madonna School. Empowered by this partnership, the school is now delivering a cutting-edge educational experience that nurtures the next generation of leaders and innovators in Ghana.

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