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Computerlabs-as-a-Service now available for Schools in Ghana

We’re on a mission to offer children in Ghana the opportunity to develop their ICT skills, which are crucial 21st-century abilities that will help launch Ghana into the digital age.

While the Ghana government, schools, and teachers have worked hard to implement the National ICT curriculum all over the country, there are still years to come before all children can have access to computers to practice what they have learned. In an age where digital literacy is an essential driver for development, two entrepreneurs have taken the initiative to develop a sustainable solution for schools that currently have no computer lab to teach their learners practical ICT skills.

Complete long-term offering for Education

Moses Nana Aidoo from RecellGhana and Hanc de Bokx from 1A Computerlabs in The Netherlands have done their homework in the past years. The newly established social enterprise Computerlabs Ghana LBG, branded RecellGhana Computerlabs, does not only offer the computer system with 21 stations needed but also the software, training, and support. Every Computerlab comes with a 5-year Computerlab-as-a-Service contract for internet and maintenance to ensure hassle-free computer-based education for the long term because we all know maintenance in Ghana is a challenge!

Large donor for 40 public schools in the Greater Accra region

The social entrepreneurs that founded Computerlabs Ghana LBG have secured a substantial subsidy from the German Development Organisation (DEG) to install computer labs at 40 schools in the Greater Accra region. Thanks to this subsidy the schools only must find the funds to cover internet fees and maintenance for the 5-year contract. This 5-year assurance of hassle-free computer education only costs from 4 cedi per child per school month (9 months/year). In the first pilot with schools in 2021, it was proven that public schools were able to raise the funds for this 5-year contract through PTA’s, alumni associations, community funds, and/or business sponsors. For public schools in the Greater Accra region without a computer lab and 300-900 learners, it’s time to apply for one of our managed Computerlabs to be installed at your school. Apply fast before we run out!

Looking for more partners

Computerlabs Ghana is looking for partners in Ghana and beyond to make Computerlab-as-a-Service available for as many schools as possible and boost digital literacy in Ghana. If you also want to give children the chance to develop their ICT skills, join forces with Computerlabs Ghana. There are different ways to become part of the solution, for instance; donate working computer equipment, sponsor the school of your children, gather support in your community for computer labs at schools or you may have other ideas that can contribute. Together we can change the future of our children!


About RecellGhana LTD

RecellGhana was established in 2012 by Moses Nana Aidoo. This repair and recycling company for computers and mobile phones is a recognised computer services company in Ghana. Accredited by ETA and in cooperation with reputable companies in Europe, it delivers sustainable services with a positive impact on the environment and society. 


About 1A Computerlabs The Netherlands

1A First Alternative The Netherlands was founded by Hanc de Bokx in 2001. This specialised ‘Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) company has developed its own technology to automatically manage computer networks remotely. For the education market, it has set up 1A Computerlabs BV to deliver Computerlab-as-a-Service to schools. 1A First Alternative is an ISO 27001 certified, accredited Microsoft Gold partner managing over 600 computer systems in The Netherlands. 

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