Ghana’s Digital Education star Tyrone Marhguy – unveiled

Interview with our new Star

At the heart of Ghana, where the sun greets the earth, a new chapter unfolds at RecellGhana Computerlabs (RGC). With the spirit of innovation in the air, RGC welcomed their shining star, Digital Education Ambassador Tyrone Iras Marhguy into its family during the Grand Opening on 19-03-2024.

As a talented Computer Engineering student and mathematician, Tyrone brings his expertise and passion to help us advance digital skills education in Ghana. During a recent interview at Ashesi University, Tyrone shared his commitment to improving digital literacy. His role at RGC will involve promoting our mission and participating in events to highlight the importance of digital skills.

Tyrone’s enthusiasm for this cause is clear: “I’m eager to help equip the youth of Ghana with the digital skills they need for the future,” he says. With Tyrone on board, we’re set to reach more schools and empower a new generation of tech-savvy leaders.

Partner with us to unlock Digital Skills in Ghana

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