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Empowering Ghanaian Students

A Recap of the '21st Century Student Skills' Seminar in Accra

On the 29th of November 2023, the bustling city of Accra, Ghana, played host to a transformative seminar at CENDLOS, organized by RecellGhana Computerlabs. Themed ’21st Century Student Skills: How to Advance Digital Skills with Students in Ghana?’, the event aimed to address the challenges hindering digital inclusion and education in the country.

Advance Digital Skills with Students in Ghana

The seminar kicked off with a warm welcome from Ms. Brianna Dika, the Start-up Leader of RecellGhana Computerlabs, who officially greeted the esteemed guests. Dr. Samuel A. Offori, the Director of Finance and Operations of CENDLOS, then addressed the audience, representing the Executive Director who was away on national duty.

Dr. Offori highlighted the significant technological developments in Ghana, particularly the introduction of the I-Box in 2002. He emphasized the crucial role of RecellGhana Computerlabs in providing investment-free Computerlabs, a vital step toward advancing ICT development in the country.

Keynote Presentation by Dr. Kofi Sappong Adu Manu

The highlight of the seminar was the keynote presentation by Dr. Kofi Sappong Adu Manu from University of Ghana, who expressed gratitude for the initiative. Dr. Manu shared statistical data revealing Ghana’s exponential growth rate of 4.9% since 2017 due to digital inclusion. However, he highlighted the challenge that only 18% of Ghanaian students possess digital skills, with a mere 2% having advanced skills, limiting their opportunities.

Dr. Manu underscored the importance of digital skills development and proposed strategies for advancement. He called for joint efforts from the government and private individuals, mentorship programs, and other initiatives to empower both students and teachers.

Panel Discussion: ‘How to Make Computer-Based Education Available to All?’

A thought-provoking panel discussion followed, featuring Adjei Kwarteng, Rahinatu Yakubu Salifu, Miriam Ocloo, Yaw Affiamoah, and Hanc de Bokx. Moderated by Maxwell Sallassi, the panel addressed the challenges of integrating computer skills into education.

Rahinatu Yakubu Salifu, Headmistress of Kwabenya Senior High School, emphasized the lack of infrastructure as a major hindrance to computer skills training. She candidly stated, “Not only is the lack of computers a challenge, but also the continuous maintenance needs are a headache.”

Miriam Ocloo from G-SET highlighted their efforts to enhance digitalization through teacher training programs.

Hanc de Bokx, co-founder of RecellGhana Computerlabs, explained why he chose Ghana, citing the lack of ICT facilities in schools. His company’s innovative solution, ‘Computerlab-as-a-Service,’ aims to bridge this gap and address maintenance challenges.

Student Testimony and Inauguration of Computerlab at CENDLOS

The seminar showcased positive testimonials from students at Jay’s International and Acropolis Maranatha, who have benefited from RecellGhana Computerlabs. Attendees witnessed the inauguration of the Computerlab by Samuel A. Offori and Hanc de Bokx. This was followed by a demonstration of educating with our Computerlabs by Boampong Wilson ICT-teacher at Acropolis Maranatha Academy.

The event concluded on a high note, with participants enjoying refreshments and networking opportunities. The ’21st Century Student Skills’ seminar left a lasting impression, sparking a collective commitment to advancing digital skills and education in Ghana. RecellGhana Computerlabs continues to be a beacon of hope, determined to Advance Digital Skills with Students in Ghana.

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