from left to right: Brianna Dika, Pim de Bokx, Nathaniel Nortey, Caroline Mensah and Nicole Odudu

Digital Marketing Technologies (DMT) joins Partnership for Advancing Computer-based Education

ACCRA, 26 JUNE 2024 – In the heart of East-Legon, at the vibrant headquarters of RecellGhana Computerlabs (RGC), a significant partnership was forged. Nathaniel Nortey and Caroline Mensah, the pioneering founders of Digital Marketing Technologies (DMT), have officially joined forces with RGC as Sales Representatives. Their mission: to propel the innovative concept of Computerlab-as-a-Service into the forefront of educational advancement, reaching out to visionary school leaders within their extensive network.

Earlier this year, Nicole Odudu, the dynamic marketing manager at RGC, encountered Nathaniel’s fervent support for RGC’s goal to facilitate a seamless transition for schools towards computer-based learning, ensuring the durability and accessibility of digital education. DMT, with its expertise in Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, and Market Research, frequently interacts with educational institutions, providing Nathaniel and Caroline with deep insights into the challenges faced by school administrators. They acknowledge RGC’s comprehensive approach as a sustainable remedy for the widespread lack of computer resources in schools, addressing the crucial need for maintenance, repair, and timely updates.

The landmark agreement was sealed on the 26th of June, marking the commencement of Nathaniel and Caroline’s journey as RGC’s Sales Representatives. Brianna Dika, the enterprising Startup Leader at RGC, extended a warm welcome to the duo. She expressed her aspiration to continually inspire educational leaders and stakeholders to embrace the responsibility of equipping the youth with essential digital skills for today’s world. RGC stands as the quintessential ally for educational institutions, guiding them through the digital transformation and ensuring its longevity.

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