Community Computerlab for Five Schools in Sege

How a Community Computerlab in Sege is Transforming ICT Education for Five Schools

Sege is a town located in the eastern part of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, in the district capital of Ada West District. It is home to about 20,000 people, mostly engaged in farming and fishing. Despite its proximity to the capital city of Accra, Sege faces many challenges in terms of infrastructure, education, and health.

One of the most pressing issues is the lack of access to quality ICT education for the students in the area. Although Ghana has already implemented the mandatory Nation ICT curriculum since 2008, digital skills attainment remains at challenging low levels of 12% for 15-24 olds** because of the lack of proper facilities at schools.

This is where RecellGhana Computerlabs comes in. RecellGhana Computerlabs is a social enterprise that provides affordable and sustainable computer labs for schools and communities in Ghana. The company offers a Computerlabs-as-a-Service agreement, which includes the installation, maintenance, and internet connection of the Computerlab, as well as the training of teachers on how to use them effectively.

RecellGhana Computerlabs has partnered with two privately-owned businesses; Kuipers Breeders Ghana and Silver Shells Fitness & Wellness Center, to sponsor one community Computerlab located in the district assembly offices to serve five schools in Sege. This special initiative was undertaken by one of the founders of RecellGhana Computerlabs, Nana Moses Aidoo, who owns Silver Shells and works closely with Kuipers Breeders that have their activities in Sege.

The community Computerlab was implemented in January, 2023 and is managed by Ghana Education Services. It serves as a hub for ICT education for the following schools: Sege Presbyterian Basic School, Sege R/C Basic School, Sege Methodist Basic School, Sege Islamic Basic School, and Sege D/A Basic School. Together, these schools have over 2,000 students who can benefit from the Computerlab.

Each Computerlab is equipped with 21 desktop stations, Server with UPS, and a high-speed internet connection. The Computerlab is primarily used for teaching the Ghana National ICT curriculum, which covers topics such as word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, internet, and coding.

To ensure the effective use of the Computerlab, RecellGhana Computerlabs trained 10 teachers from the five schools on how to integrate ICT into their lessons. The teachers also received manuals to guide them in delivering the ICT curriculum. The training was conducted by Aisha Mohammed from RecellGhana Computerlabs. ICT-coordinators Napoleon Agyei, Eleen Tamakloe, and Bright Kwashie Kugbeadzor complimented her with the ease of using our Computerlab.

The community Computerlab in Sege has been a great success so far, according to the feedback from the teachers and students. The teachers reported that the Computerlab has improved their teaching methods and increased their confidence in using ICT. The students said that the Computerlab has made learning ICT more fun and interactive, and that they have developed new skills and interests in ICT.

The community Computerlab in Sege is a shining example of how RecellGhana Computerlabs is transforming ICT education in Ghana. By providing affordable and sustainable computer labs for schools and communities, RecellGhana Computerlabs is helping to bridge the digital divide and empower the next generation of digital citizens. Together towards the country’s aim of attaining higher digital literacy.

Sponsors: Kuipers Breeders Ghana, Silver Shells Gym & Fitness

This develoPPP Project is co-financed by DEG from public funds of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

** Statistic derived from the ‘Ghana Education Fact Sheet 2020’ from MICS-EAGLE